The Killing Wire Snares

These are wire snares that our team discovered in the field.

When the snare is triggered, the wire noose tightens around the animal’s leg. The more the animal struggles, the tighter the snare becomes.

Sometimes the animal struggles so much to free itself that the wire cuts through its snared limb. While the animal may be able to struggle free, it often dies suffering as a result of its injuries.

The brutal wire snares don’t care!

To a poacher, snares are efficient for harvesting wildlife as many can be set, left unattended, and the animals caught can be collected much later.

But this is a brutal “efficiency”, for snares are pure torture, cutting into the legs, or even necks, of animals.

The caught animal, whether it is a totally protected species or a common one, suffers for days. Some animals simply tear off the part of their leg caught in the trap and are left limping for life.

Others eventually die from hunger, thirst, blood loss or an infected wound, especially if the snare is old and rusted.

Secret snares

In the various wild landscapes in Malaysia such as Belum-Temenggor, Endau-Rompin and Taman Negara, several hundred snares are collected or destroyed each year, ranging from large cables (for tigers and large mammals) to nylon snares (for porcupines and other smaller wildlife).

The snares are set in secret, and their purpose is to rule all in the animal kingdom, capturing, injuring or killing all wildlife that use the trails where the snares are set.

A single snare does not just kill one animal.  It might also get you injured, illegal jungle trekkers without ranger guide! Watch out!

Article & photo credit to : The Malayan Tiger Project | The Star Online

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