Save Our Malayan Tiger

The ‘Save Our Malayan Tiger’ campaign is an initiative launched by Kementerian Air, Tenaga dan Sumber Asli (KATS Malaysia) with Jabatan PERHILITAN in conserving our Malayan Tiger.

“If we don’t do something to save the tigers, we will no longer be able to show our younger ones this symbol of our country.”

– Malaysia

About The Campaign

  • Malaysia is one of the countries recognized internationally as the country with the world’s mega biodiversity based on the number of species found in Malaysia.
  • The diversity of the biological resources in the country is due to the volume of natural habitat that is protected, systematic conservation activities conducted and scientific studies on flora and fauna.
  • Malaysia is always striving to create a balance between the socioeconomic developme​nt and the environment especially the conservation of bio iversity and ecosystem services
  • Biodiversity threats – opening of forest areas, pollution, poaching, invasion of protected areas, climate change, invasive alien species
  • Panthera tigris jacksoni – a tiger species found only in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Population estimates to be less than 200 tigers in major habitat areas throughout Peninsular Malaysia
  • Tigers are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 [Act 716] as a totally protected species

Why The Need to Have ‘Save Our Malayan Tiger’ Campaign

  • As a developing country, Malaysia is implementing sustainable development with sustainable biodiversity management.
  • The Government has implemented various efforts and initiatives in protecting the Malayan Tiger, that is in constantly open to various threates and risks.
  • The campaign is to encourage more parties and inviduals in cooperating with the Government in conserving and the increase of Malayan Tiger population
  • Malayan Tiger is one of the symbols in Malaysia’s Coat of Arms (Jata Negara).​

Jata Negara Malaysia ( Coat of arms of Malaysia )

The coat of arms of Malaysia (MalayJata Negara) is a coat of arms comprising a shield or escutcheon, two tigers for supporters, a crescent and fourteen-pointed star for a crest and a motto. As the Malaysian coat of arms descended from that of the Federated Malay States under British colonial rule, it resembles European heraldic designs.

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