IGP: District police chiefs get one month to shut down illegal wildlife trade

DENGKIL, Aug 19 — District police chiefs nationwide have been ordered to submit in a month’s time a report detailing any known premises involved in the exotic flora and fauna trade within their respective police service areas. Confirming the new directive, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said the reports must be submitted …

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Hari Konservasi Harimau dan Gajah Peringkat Kebangsaan 2020

KeTSA dengan kerjasama Majlis Perbandaran Taiping telah mengadakan sambutan Hari Konservasi Harimau dan Gajah peringkat Kebangsaan pada 8 Ogos 2020. Majlis sambutan ini menggabungkan Hari Harimau Sedunia (Global Tiger Day) yang disambut pada 29 Julai, Hari renjer sedunia (World Ranger Day) pada 31 Julai dan Hari Gajah Sedunia (World Elephant Day) pada 12 Ogos setiap tahun.

Crackdown on wildlife trade needed

This is not only an important move to curtail wildlife hunting and prevent the killing of wildlife in situations where the wild animal does not pose an actual and immediate threat to human lives and safety, but also to preserve national security and reduce firearm-related accidents, injuries and deaths.

Terima Kasih, Wira Biodiversiti Negara

Sempena sambutan Hari Biodiversiti Antarabangsa pada setiap 21 Mei, ayuh kita nyatakan penghargaan kita dengan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada wira-wira biodiversiti kita terutamanya petugas Jabatan PERHILITAN Semenanjung Malaysia, Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia dan FRIM atas usaha berterusan menjaga kelestarian khazanah alam kita.

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